functional health in practice

A particular condition or set of uncomfortable symptoms can be triggered by many different things, for example IBS may be caused by food intolerance, stress, inflammation, mould sensitivity etc and likewise inflammation may lead to many different symptoms including IBS but also cognitive issues, depression, and allergies.

My approach considers the individual’s environment, history, lifestyle, and genetic inheritance to understand the full picture. Functional health testing is often an essential part of uncovering the root causes of imbalance and by focusing on identifying and addressing these I can work with you and advise health strategies to improve your well-being.

One Condition, Many Causes

One Cause, Many Conditions


Working with Ellen over this past year has truly changed my life for the better. From a very young age I have struggled with strong hormonal imbalances and chronic symptoms that were only getting worse over the years.

I have already seen progress in ways that I never thought would be possible and I’m feeling better than ever before.