commitments & costs

In practice the protocol can be used in three ways:

  1. as prevention by anyone wanting to optimise their brain health.
  2. as treatment for improvement by those who have no formal diagnosis and indeed may have had a MOCA test that scores normally but know themselves that their brain is not quite as fit as it was.
  3. as treatment for possible reversal of a confirmed diagnosis of Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Costs are highly dependent on the case and the budget available. In other words, if your budget is small don’t be put off there is much you can do with some very basic testing and good adherence to all the dietary and lifestyle factors of the protocol shown to positively affect brain health.

As a guide, in addition to consultation fees, the most basic testing is around €450, and a full package may initially cost around  €3000. Follow up testing to ensure treatment is effective is highly recommended.

£195 / €195 – Initial consultation (2 hours)

£80 / €80 per hour – follow up appointments (1 hour)