clinics and costs

Appointments are available in Tavira or via Zoom.



£110 / €110 – Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

£55 / €55 – Follow up appointments (up to 1 hour)

Included in the initial consultation and follow ups are full written recommendations. If additional time is needed outside of consultations to work on your case this is charged at £55 / €55 per hour.

Bredesen Protocol™

£195 / €195 – Initial consultation (2 hours)

£80 / €80 per hour – follow up appointments (up to 1 hour)

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Please contact me if you are interested in booking a group session around a specific theme. 

Popular themes include: Skin Health, Hormonal Health, Supporting a Healthy Skeleton, Optimising Energy and Eating for the Older Brain but I am very happy to devise a talk or event for your particular interest.


I initially came to Ellen with a number of ongoing symptoms that my GP had been unable to resolve. Within a matter of weeks, I saw an improvement not only in the original symptoms but also in other unexpected ways such as clarity of thinking, improved skin and hair, an increase in energy, a renewed enthusiasm to food and cooking, along with establishing a healthy weight.